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Sarajevo Drum Orchestra

Sarajevo Drum Orchestra is mainly world music percussion ensemble established in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in the year of 1997 with the experience and reputation of playing on every major festival in Bosnia and in the region…
Sarajevo Drum Orchestra has existed since 1997. Rooted in Sarajevo Percussion Group in 1996 and led by drummer percussionist & workshop leader Peter Vilk of British “Community Music Sarajevo”, a group of former rock band musicians turned to workshop leading and performing percussion ensemble, founding the Sarajevo Drum Orchestra.

Year of 2000 represents the beginning of strong partnership with Musicians without Borders in Netherlands and S.D.O all of whom endorse the same goals. Since then numerous workshops were carried out together especially in the refugee camps & settlements in eastern Bosnia. Workshop leaders from Sarajevo Drum Orchestra were carriers of the Musicians without Borders Project “BH Samba Summer 2004?.

Music made by Sarajevo Drum Orchestra is rooted in traditional Brazilian, African and Asian rhythms but those styles can often be combined, making an interesting crossover.

From the year 2000, the founders of Sarajevo Drum Orchestra continued to lead the ensemble, attracting many junior members, percussionists and drummers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. They attend many master classes from various African and Latin American percussionists, seeking for authentic sounds of percussion instruments from all over the world, inspiring the music of Sarajevo Drum Orchestra as a world music percussion ensemble.

Additional trainings and seminars using music as powerful tool to help needs in society were attended in Netherlands (May 2003) and Bosnia Herzegovina (November 2003). At last, S.D.O. members gather in team within Muzicari bez granica BiH / Musicians without borders Bosnia Herzegovina. Additional Brazilian percussion training to SDO ws team was given by Master Sherwin Kirindongo.

Sarajevo Drum Orchestra is consisted of musicians from various ethnic and/or religious backgrounds: Gordan Kranjcic, Sabina Šehovic, Faruk Jahic-Aki, Vedran Kranjcic, Dino Kovacevic, Robert Kranjcic…

Musicians of SDO are involved in several theatre, drama, and community projects, as well as touring and studio recording musicians for various artists on the scene. Besides the originally composed music played at festivals, Sarajevo Drum Orchestra opens commercial venues, marches in the streets at city carnivals with Brazilian drums – which draws a lot of attention – or clubbing with the DJs playing live percussion acts.

Sarajevo Drum Orchestra provides creative music and percussion workshops for school children, youth & adults, using the music to make bonds between different people – turning the group into one team whether it is high schools preparing for the huge city prom parade, fun team building workshops for corporations, or improving the health of special needs persons within institutions and NGO’s seen as music therapy assistance.

From the time of being pupils to the time of becoming trainers Sarajevo Drum Orchestra grew into strong children animation team using creative music workshops with accent on community building and special needs care in the society.

Since the beginning this group of people was invited by large number of NGO’s projects involved with children, youth and special needs care together with experts in Music Therapy therefore gaining expertise in that field.

Sarajevo Drum Orchestra has the major level of work experience with children without parent/s, special needs persons and cerebral palsy youth from ex-Yugoslavia region within the programme of music creative workshops in classrooms or on children camps.





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