1997-2007 engaged in „non violent conflict resolution“programmes in BiH and region. camps
1997 Centre for Selfreliance & Community Music Sarajevo: music performance pressing government reaction to build ramps on pavements for for special needs disabled people in wheelchairs, Sarajevo, BiH
1997-1999 Youth centre France Libertes „Joker“: Music workshops on percussion, Sarajevo, BiH
1997-1999 Community Music Sarajevo: MT for special needs people with mental and physical disabilities in their Home in Pazarić (near Sarajevo), BiH
1997-1999 Sunflower: creative music workshops with children. Sarajevo, BiH
1997-1999 Youth Club “Plavi Cvijet”, Creative Percussion WS, Gorazde, BiH
1997-1999 Euroclub DIA Barcelona, Sarajevo: support to music workshops, Sarajevo, BiH
1998-1999 Youth NGO Mladi most, Mostar, BiH: Intern. Summercamp music workshops with youth,
Cooperation between music and theatre, Obonjan Otok mladosti, Croatia
1999-2006 War Child Netherlands through Pavarotti MC and later Educon, Mostar: Project Blindschool: 7 years of working experience in Centre for blind & visually impaired children & youth, Sarajevo
1998 Firefly, Brcko: Music creative workshops together with students from UK, Brcko, BiH
1998 Pavarotti Music Centre: WS in PMC every weekend and concerts at the end of every month in cooperation with PMC and its musicians, Mostar, BiH
1998 Radio-Club “Plavi Radio”: crossed the political “border” of west Mostar to play a concert that was broadcasted live through this radio, Mostar, BiH
1998 PMC: reconciliation Music WS in Ljubinje, BiH
1998 cooperation with a theatre group from Banja Luka and winning the first prize for Theatre Music at the 1st Int.Theatre Festival, BiH
1998 YPGD, Vukovar:, Ex-yu youth reconciliation summercamp “Tresnja”, M WS & concert, Cro.
1998 Nadace Cesta: arts and music WS and concert in Tabor, Czech Republic
1998 War Child, NL: Workshops & interactive performances took place in four of the largest Asylum Seeker Centres in Terschelling Island, Eindhoven, Naarden and Middelburg, with refugees from all over the world. Among numerous performances in Holland DO played live at VRPO Ikon National Radio. Hadlining the drum and percussion event day DO recorded a CD of their live performance within Slagwerk ’98 in Rotterdam, “Ahoy” national music exposition.
1999–2005 Global Children Organization, USA: Int. Summer camps, camp programme and creative music and workshops for orphan & social care children. Island of Badija, Croatia
1999 3rd World peace conference „Haggue Appeal for Peace“, Haggue, Netherlands
1999 3rd Assembly of the United Nations „UN of the Peoples“ Tavolla della Pace: Performing, community WS with approximately 60 children, Sardegna, Bolzano, Perugia, Assisi, Italy
1999 Schuller Helfen Leben: Project Neighbourhood day, Sarajevo, BiH
2000 Schuller Helfen Leben: Project Experiment Theatre & Music, Sarajevo, BiH
2000 The STAGE: Performing on Stop Drugs Campaign, Sarajevo, BiH
2001 Sunflower: Music workshops for preschool and school children, Sarajevo
2001-2003 MwB, NL: Percussion WS in Refugee camps and settlements around Tuzla, BiH
2002 Amici dei Bambini: music creative workshops to children in need with performance to audience from Centre for special needs children “Vladimir Nazor”, Sarajevo, BiH
2003 Schuller Helfen Leben: project “part not apart” inclusion of special needs blind and visually impaired children to Amici dei Bambini & Sunflower children
2003 Int. Woman Club, Sarajevo: coordination & workshop leading, special needs children performance resulting contribution to centre for blind and visually impaired children & youth
2003 MITA Group: team building corporate music workshop with Braz. Perc., Sarajevo, BiH
2003 Schuller Helfen Leben: inclusion of blind and visually impaired children with youth from both BH entities through Percussion WS, Sarajevo, BiH
2003 Peace Flame ’94: creative WS in Visce refugee settlement, BiH
2003-2004 Woerkgroup NL: summercamp various WS with Srebrenica & refugee children, Kladanj, BiH
2003-2006 War child UK & Accord Int.: prof dr Nigel Osborne Summer camps, music therapy project with British Music Students, War Child Kosovo team and Sarajevo and Mostar M WS teams and PMC MT team for persons with cerebral paralyze in Pula and people with special needs from Mostar in Puntizela (Hrvatska) and Kakrinje (BiH)
2003 Peace Flame ’94, Tuzla: “Annual celebration of Tuzla city” WS & parade, Tuzla, BiH
2004-2005 Educon, Mostar: Seminar on creative school activities for teachers, Mostar, BiH
2004-2007 Star Network of World Learning, team peace building music workshop, Sarajevo, BiH
2004 MwB, NL: leading roll in organising 1st Int. Music conference in Sarajevo, BiH
2004 MwB, NL: massive Brazilian percussion workshop and parade on annual Folk Festival leading int. traditional folk dance groups during Bascarsian night festival, Sarajevo, BiH
2004 MwB, NL: Musicians without borders samba summer 2004 samba WS and parade with percussion enthusiast and musicians from Banja Luka, BiH
2004 MWB, NL: Brazilian percussion Music WS Team B. for “Pontanima”, Jahorina, BiH
2004 MWB, NL: M WS & parade for musicians of diff. ethnic background, Srebrenica, BiH
2004 Conscientious Objection NGO: Food not Guns-World peace day, performance, Sarajevo,BiH
2004 BHT documentary of Centre for blind and visually impaired children and youth,Sarajevo, BiH
2004 MwB, NL & SDO: performing for Campaign for reconstruction of Youth Centre Sarajevo, BiH
2004 Peace Flame ’94, Tuzla: “Earth Day” Music Community and Peace building workshop on Brazilian percussion instruments with ensemble of 70 participants, Tuzla, BiH
2004-2005 Youth Centre Livno: youth ecology volunteer camp with M C WS with B. perc., Livno, BiH
2004-2006 Wings of Hope: Int. summercamp massive WS for 50 people with performance, Igman, BiH
2004-2006 Kid’s Festival: Creative Music WS with Brazilian instruments for 3000 children, Sarajevo, BiH
2005 World harmony Run, Sarajevo, BiH
2005 Proni, Osijek: team building workshop on Brazilian percussion instr., Osijek, Croatia
2005 MwB, NL & Accord Int. UK: Project Rhythmic Realities & Rhythms of the World, percussion, dance, theatre, applied arts WS and performance with children from 3 experimental elementary schools from Sarajevo lead by MT expert Dr. prof Nigel Osborne, Sarajevo, BiH
2005-2006 Educaton for Peace: peace/team building music workshop, Sarajevo, BiH
2005 MwB,BiH: Training & WS with percussionist Sherwin Kirindongo, Sarajevo, Livno, Igman,BiH
2006 Forum Bosna: summercamp “cuprija” M WS with B.perc. and parade in Stolac, BiH
2006 Sarajevo Winter Festival: organized Brazilian percussion WS for 40 youth enthusiast leding into Sarajevo winter festival parade, BiH
2006 Banja luka Scouts NGO: Braz. WS to scouts from former Yugoslav republics, BiH
2006 SOS Kinderdorf: creative M WS and performance for children without parent/s, Sarajevo,BiH
2006 Proni, Brcko: team building music workshop & parade, Brcko D.C., BiH
2006 PROI: Race against drugs, Sarajevo, BiH
2006 Amici dei Bambini: project learn to make and play Brazilian percussion ensemble instruments, Sarajevo, BIH
2006 MwB, BiH & Accord Int. UK: Project Song from BiH and the World, percussion, song composition, dance, drama WS and performance with children from 3 experimental elementary schools from Sarajevo lead by MT expert Dr. Prof. Nigel Osborne, Sarajevo, BiH
2006 EUPM: Anti-drug campaign, Sarajevo, BiH
2007 Johnson Wax Adriatic Region for LORA, BiH team building corporate WS with Brazilian percussion, Neum, BiH
2007 Johnson Wax: Spring camp 2007, peer integration of special needs children, Lead by Musicians without Borders BH, Puls team
2007 FICE (International Federationn of Educative Communities UNESCO/UNICEF/ECOSOC/EUROPEAN COUNCIL) Children rights congress,WS & Performance with youth, Budapest, Hungary
2007 Dance Club Romatic: WS & Parade for BH Quadrille dance competition for Guinness World Records:
2007 MwB, BiH: Project “Acoustic ecology”, percussion, song composition, dance, drama WS and performance with children from 3 elementary schools and school for blind and visually impaired children and youth from Sarajevo lead by MT expert Dr. Prof. Nigel Osborne, Sarajevo, BiH
2007 PACT-USA: Children summercamp samba WS & performance with Korcula, Croatia
2007 10th international festival of friendship: samba WS & parade with children, Gorazde, BiH
2007 “Eko festival 2007” samba WS & parade with children and youth in Backa Palanka, Serbia
2007 Forum Syd-Balkans Programme–former Proni -project: ”FORA’07” WS & parade samba with 50 children & youth in Brcko BiH
2007 OBN: “Zvijezde plesu – show”– performance- children and adults in the whole region had a chance to see Sarajevo Drum Orchestra performing through the whole serial of entertainment programme broadcasted in the West Balkans region, Sarajevo, BiH
2007 “10th Anniversary of “Centre for Cultural Dialogue – CKD” for region””– performance for Opening and Closing Ceremony in BiH Parliament, Sarajevo, BiH
… and numerous activities, parades, performances, tours in the whole region and abroad.